My Lead Gen Secret Review – Fake or Legit?

01 Sep 2019 – MLGS – Get 200 leads a day… My Lead Gen Secret Review will be going into detail about what leads you get, what My Lead Gen Secret does and what leads you can honestly expect from joining it… The Review helps you get my lead generation and helps if you want to make money online… This is my highest recommendation for complete beginners….


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If you are looking for a review that goes into detail about what My Lead Gen Secret is then you are definitely in the right place, I actually signed up and became a member so I am qualified to give you an expert opinion as I know exactly what I am talking about.

A warning,

Long review, but hold on a minute, you are looking for the answers to your questions…


What is My Lead Gen Secret all about?

My Lead Gen Secret is an automated lead generation and mailer program, as an affiliate, entrepreneur, digital marketer or small business owner, if you are searching for new clients then My Lead Gen Secret is for you.

If you are someone who does not have an email marketing list and you want to grow one automatically, then My Lead Gen Secret is for you.

If you are a complete beginner and want to join a program that teaches you and provides you with the tools to start making money online, then this is definitely for you.



What audience is My Lead Gen Secret aimed for?

My Lead Gen Secret is aimed for beginners who want to start making money online, affiliates, entrepreneurs, digital marketers or small business owners. My Lead Gen Secret has been designed to work on autopilot 95% of the time.

This is why My Lead Gen Secret appeals to its wider audience of beginners, affiliates, digital marketers and small business owners.



Things to NOT expect from My Lead Gen Secret

My Lead Gen Secret is not a get rich quick scheme, it is not a scam, it is not a program that does all the making money online work for you, it does not create millionaires, it does not provide false promises, it does not come into your home or office and hold your hand with a promise you will receive unlimited money for joining.

Let us be real here, with any making money online program, you reap what you sow. My lead Gen Secret will honestly take you about 10 minutes to set up and about 5 minutes a day to start making money online through the passive income stream built inside the program.

Take a look at these members earnings and results


my lead gen secret earnings proof


my lead gen secret earnings proof


my lead gen secret earnings proof



How much does it cost to join My Lead Gen Secret?

My Lead Gen Secret costs a one-time fee of $30 for your initial setup and $30 for your first month membership, after this it will cost $30 per month ongoing, so today it will cost you $60 to get started and then in 30 days time it will cost another $30. That’s only $1 a day.

If you want to own a real home business that takes 5 minutes a day to own and operate then My Lead Gen Secret is fantastic value for money. No website to build, nothing to code, no experience is required and it is 100% beginner friendly.



MyLeadGenSecret General Overview Bullet Point Style

What you can expect to receive from My Lead Gen Secret.


  • You will receive 100 new leads every single day. (3000 leads a month)
  • You will receive a mailer to send your emails.
  • You will unlock the income potential and be given a unique referral ID.
  • You will unlock your bonus scheme.
  • You can download your new leads email details if you choose to.
  • You will get access to High Quality and Proven email templates.



I am so excited to reveal the bonus scheme on offer by the Company “My Lead Gen Secret”, now with “My Lead Gen Secret” for every 5 referrals you refer to the system within 7 days, you will receive a $100 cash bonus. You can do this multiple times so if you refer 25 people into the system within 7 days you will receive $500 cash bonus. This cash bonus is unlimited.



As soon as you receive your first referral not only will you receive recurring monthly income on 5 levels but you will also double the amount of new leads you receive from “My Lead Gen Secret”, your new leads will go from 100 to 200 every day, this goes on for as long as you have 1 referral in the system. That’s now 6,000 new leads monthly.



Is Training Provided?

Yes Jim Harmon the founder of My Lead Gen Secret provides training videos that are super easy to understand and follow to get yourself up and running in minutes.

I found it very easy to follow the videos and I am sure you will too, he explains everything you need to do and if you get stuck at all, there is a 24 hour support system in place plus a FAQ’s section providing many useful tips and techniques to give you a boost. Personally I recommend you reading these as they boosted my sales no end.





Questions and Answers

What Kind of Commitment do I need to make if I Join My Lead Gen Secret Today?

The only commitment you need to make and this is not set in stone, is to spare time to login and send one of the emails that Jim Harmon the founder has prepared for you, send the email using the My Lead Gen Secret program mailer and promote if you want to, on social media to boost your results.

My personal recommendation is to do what I did, when you first join Jim Harmon the founder and creator of My Lead Gen Secret will offer you the chance of grabbing his personal selection of ready prepared email swipes for 30 days, this is totally optional but has made a huge difference to the amount of success I have been getting in comparison to other members.



Can I Get a Refund If I Am Not Happy?

Yes, you can cancel at any time without penalty by submitting a support ticket.



Are There Any Up-sells?

As already explained, yes, there is one up-sell, this is when you first join Jim Harmon the founder and creator of My Lead Gen Secret will offer you the chance of grabbing his personal selection of ready prepared email swipes for 30 days, this is totally optional but has made a huge difference to the amount of success I have been getting in comparison to other members. It is all about success if you want the nicer things in life.


my lead gen secret reviews



Is there a chance I will fail?

Well yes to be honest with you, there is a chance you can fail and the only reason for that is that you don’t log in and forget to send your email, if you don’t log in to do this one thing, there is a high chance you will fail. It is all about making the effort every day. It is not set in stone that you have to log in each day but if you forget or get lazy, then yes, of course this will play a huge part in your failure with My Lead Gen Secret.



Is MyLeadGenSecret.com available worldwide?

Yes My Lead Gen Secret is available to purchase worldwide.



Do You Even Need a Program Like My Lead Gen Secret?

If you are an affiliate, entrepreneur, digital marketer, business owner or job seeker then this is for you, you can earn a substantial income like the people who joined in the video testimonials below. Do you want to be successful? Do you want to earn passive income in a monthly recurring manner? Do you want the nicer things in life? If you want all these things then My Lead Gen Secret in my personal opinion can provide this as a result of you promoting and logging in to copy, paste and send an email.



My Personal Results Using My Lead Gen Secret

Since I started with My Lead Gen Secret I made sales in my first 2 days, in my second week I made 2 $100 bonuses for referring more than 10 people to this system within 7 days, I promote Clickbank products and they sell, I promote JVZoo products and they sell, I can build my own list, I am making huge amounts of monthly recurring commission which can be confirmed, this is not to brag but this is to give you my personal opinion that My Lead Gen Secret is incredible, your leads grow every day and these are hungry buyers!

After a look around My Lead Gen Secret, I decided to sign up, but let me take a moment to tell you about the factors that led to me getting my credit card out and becoming a member:

Cost – While I was not necessarily a big fan of the one-time processing fee, I felt that it was a relatively small price to pay for a program that only cost $30 per month. I have seen, and been part of, similar lead generation programs that cost two and three times as much as what My Lead Gen Secret was charging.


Lead Generation Process – Each member gets 100 fresh, unique leads per day, but it is how MLGS finds those leads that I found to be particularly great. I have been using social media sites to find leads for as long as I can remember, so I was impressed to learn that My Lead Gen Secret scours 10 different partners to find their leads.

They then use a 4-step process to discover people who have a genuine interest in what you are offering. The tire kickers are sent to the scrap heap if their ranking number is less than 75%. I know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to deal with window shoppers, so this process really jumped out.


Organic Mailer – I loved the idea of getting 100 fresh leads, complete with all sorts of valuable information, on a daily basis, but I was not thrilled with the idea of having to copy that info over to a third-party autoresponder or mailing list. It turns out that there is no need to do any of that, as MLGS provides its members with an in-house Organic mailer that does the job in a heartbeat.

All you need to do is get your list, add them to the mailer, compose your message, and then send it off. This struck me as a fantastic way to save time that could best be served focusing on other parts of my business.


Affiliate Program – I tend not to be too interested in affiliate programs offered by the products I use, as my focus is all on my business and the products and services that I am trying to deliver. The My Lead Gen Secret affiliate program was a good deal different, though, as it offered a value proposition that was almost impossible to ignore.

All you have to do is a get a single person to sign up in order to have your daily leads doubled to 200. That means an extra 3000+ prospects per month, which is simply too big a number to be ignored. The beauty of this program is that you only need that single referral to make it insanely valuable.

There were other features of the program that jumped off the page at me, but it was the ones mentioned above that really made me want to invest.



Success Also Depends on Effort

What I have learned in my time with My Lead Gen Secret is that the leads they deliver are indeed interested in buying. That said, I am also aware that the content that I deliver via the Organic Mailer is also crucial to my success. Simply blasting out an affiliate link to your prospects is not going to get you any sales or sign-ups.

You have to have a solid product or affiliate program that will sell, and you have to make changes to the copy in order to keep making sure that your results get better and better.

If you have been in affiliate marketing for a while, and know how to craft a great e-mail, I have no doubt that the program will deliver excellent results. If, on the other hand, you believe that you can make a killing using MLGS without delivering some sort of value proposition, you might not get what you want out of this program.

P.S. Please be sure to read the reviews or leave a review if you have any experience with My Lead Gen Secret!



Other Customer Testimonials – Hear What Others Think About My Lead Gen Secret


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Click the button below to take the next step.

Sign up using my link and join my team of students whom I help with my best methods for total success.


==> https://www.myleadgensecret.com/?rid=7600&src=cavendish-reviews


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– James Cavendish

I am currently offering 1 on 1 coaching at MLGS, I am
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So, you’ll never be alone on your journey to earning your 1st $ online. I hope you take me up on my offer.

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I am an online entrepreneur and I test and review programs for making money online, my extensive expert background experience and super affiliate knowledge allows me to provide an honest review for products that claim to be making money online.


  1. Hi there! I must confess, My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) is the real deal. A friend introduced this platform to me about  3 weeks ago and i signed up – I’m really liking everything about the program. I’ve made my first $250 commission from the leads within that short period.  Which means I already covered the startup cost many times over. I’m really excited about growing my list, even further now that I’m into profit.


    • Hi there Jordan, I hear this story so many times from people who have trust in my posts and sign up, it truly is staggering how powerful these leads are and you get more added each day, it is a huge asset to have if you are seeking additional home income, take care, always good to hear from people doing so well with My Lead Gen Secret.


  2. My Lead Gen Secret sounds like an interesting and profitable idea. I am definitely impressed with your review and it sounds like you love it! I have 3 relatively new websites that could use a lot more traffic and conversions. However, I’m not sure if My Lead Gen Secret would provide leads for them. One is a personal blog that does offer WA as a chance to work from home. One site is for pet supplies, and one is for home decor. Can MLGS work for all three? And if I signed up with MLGS, would I get leads for all 3 sites for $30 a month, or would I have to have a separate account for each site? I am definitely interested in MLGS, I am getting it now for all three sites. I enjoyed your review and found it very informative and helpful. Looking forward to getting started! 

    • Hi there,

      I am positive you can promote all 3 websites on MLGS, I recommend you prepare 3 separate sets of email templates to cover 10 days each and then alternate them for the 30 days, so many people are promoting different niches on MLGS and sales are booming, remember though.

      It is wise to try and bring in some referrals to MLGS as well, get 1 referral and your leads double to 6000 a month, look forward to you coming on board, if you need any help, let me know, I help everyone who signs up using my referral link, take care, James

  3. I haven’t really given email marketing a try but My Lead Gen Secret sounds like a really great way to start doing just that. Who would not love 10 minutes to setup and 5 minutes per day when it comes to making money online passively? That sounds pretty fantastic! At $30/month, and the potential passive income of email marketing plus the affiliate opportunity, I think this little tool is definitely worth the investment. It seems like a quick and easy way to make money once you make the effort, count me in.

    • Hi Vanessa, thanks for your comment, My Lead Gen Secret is incredible, look forward to you joining our community, take care James

  4. Hi, James!
    This post has me extremely curious!  You have a way with your writing that captivates your audience; bravo!  I love your honesty throughout your post.  You have several examples that you’re using to convince me that I should look further into the program!  My Lead Gen sounds like a captivating opportunity, and I’m heading there now to check it out!  Best of luck to you as you continue towards success!

    • Thanks for a glowing review, I appreciate it, I am glad you are heading there right now, you will soon experience the power of My Lead Gen Secret for yourself and I am sure it will bring you financial freedom too,

      Take Care


  5. Hi James. Well this sounds like a very interesting way to make a decent living online. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed your review on My Lead Gen. I have been looking for an easier way to make money on line for some time, now and I’m willing to look further into this product. If all it takes is  a bit of time sending out 100 emails that are given to us everyday then I believe I like the idea. The $30 a month sounds reasonable as well. Jim

    • Hi Jim, it is great you have decided to share your comment for the whole world to see, I am so pleased you stopped by, there are plenty of success stories littered all over the web from My Lead Gen Secrets members, and they all have one thing in common – they
      know how to work hard and make money!

      My Lead Gen Secret is not worth anything to anyone who cannot get down
      and grind when needed. Hopefully the review I have given above
      highlights this fact because there is a LOT to learn and put into
      practice. If you are willing to work and work hard you will see huge success
      with the MLGS platform like myself.

      James Cavendish

  6. My lead gen is as described in this post is a really interesting and lucrative business platform… The fact that it is not a scheme with negative red flags or a get rich quick platform attracted me to it and makes me have interest it. Anyone who invests his /her or time and work well will get rewarded for his work…thanks for this great and insightful review…I would like to begin this business… Kudos!

    • Hello again Willy, am so glad you dropped by, you are an inspiration my friend, it is always cool to hear your thoughts on My Lead Gen Secret, thanks for sharing, James

  7. Great article about my Lead Gen Secret, it looks a good platform and one I should consider seriously and I will definitely check out the problem but as you mention $30 to start but why do I need to pay $60 when starting?

    And I feel I like the logging of 5 minutes every day which is doable and I can can manage that.  What other upsells are there? And what is the timeframe of seeing results? 

    • Hello Cinderella,

      Thanks for stopping by, there is a $60 startup fee, $30 is a one time fee that covers your initial setup in the system and then $30 is to pay for your first months membership fee, for this $1 a day you will be receiving 100 leads a day and the opportunity to use their mailer.

      There is only 1 up-sell and that is that Jim Harmon the founder of My Lead Gen Secret will offer you the chance to get a hold of his additional email templates which have proven to be a huge additional asset to my success personally but this is only an option that you do not have to accept if you don’t want to. Hope this helps answer your questions, personally I am making huge sums of money online as a direct result of My Lead Gen Secrets, life-changing money!


  8. Excellent review about Lead Gen, the system is not a get rich quick program I love that,and equally its depends on the effort of the member that will guarantee results through referrers,it calls for hard work to invites people to register through your link and get paid,the bonus on this is very interesting and encouraging.The bonus alone is enough to convince many people to join the program,let me look into it,thank you for sharing this informative article.

    • Hi Abayomi,

      My Lead Gen Secret was also a complete game changer for me as well. I fumbled about online succumbing to the occasional typical scam offer for a few years before I came across MLGS. They handed me the ability to work at home and I’ve never looked back! Cheers for stopping by – good luck

  9. A system that only allows me to work on it for 5 minutes only has me interested. I am surprised that such a uniques automated system costs only $1 a day yet there is little work to do. The 3000 leads a month is not bad for starters. If a few of these leads convert then that is going to be great for business.

    The $500 cash bonus is so awesome. That is enough to pay for membership for almost a year. I am glad that my lead generation will be doubled. That means double the money. 

    This sounds like a good system. Will give it a try and see how my online business progresses.

    Thank you for such an insightful article.

    • Hi Carol, I made money from MLGS in my first few days, when you start, if you’re making a little bit of money like I did almost immediately, then you’re off to a good start. You need to analyze your subject lines, email body, offer and price point etc… testing is key here.. this is an incredible way to start making real money online

  10. My lead geb looks like a good way to make some good money. Its the first time I heard of them. They seem legit and getting me up to 100 leads a day is awesome. That’s like buying 100 subscribers a day with just one dollar. There’s also training too. Very cool. I’m happy that you can testify to the goodness and realness of this one. I’ll jump on it since its not so costly.

    • After reading my review I hope you realize the amazing potential that My Lead Gen Secret has to offer you 😀 This program is available to
      anyone in the world with a website or affiliate link that needs biz opp

      If there’s any questions you have or need any help and support with
      setting up a new online business, please feel free to give me a shout.


  11. Thank you for this review. My Lead gen secret sounds really great. 6000 leads every month is a lot. Even if just 1% of them sign up then that’s 60 people.
    How do you know there will be enough leads for everyone in this program? For example what if 1000 people sign up to my lead-gen secret? Then they need 6 million unique leads every month. How does that work?

    • Hello Edward, Jim Harmon the founder explains where all the leads come from, he has 10 unique partners who provide these leads to him for filtering out to the members, it is a hugely beneficial program for everyone involved, the leads will never run out, this is the cool thing, it amazes me every day, James

  12. Wow, its actually a thing of joy to come across sites that are legit and are really serving thier purpose without overhyping what they trully have to offer. I’m into freelance writing at the moment and I have just open a page for my works but there are not much traffic on my site and its disheartening I must confess. I’m willing to try My lead Gen and have high hopes it will work out fine.

    • Your success with My Lead Gen Secret depends on multiple variables Dane, like how much knowledge you have (or don’t have currently), how much work you put into developing your business, how consistent you are, how long it takes for you to learn the process and how you put the process to work. Some folks can start earning money in as little as a few days, some, a few weeks, some a few months and others several months. It really just depends on the individual and how motivated and committed they are.

  13. I know it takes time and consistency from us as affiliate marketers to generate enough leads and traffics to make enough conversions from our websites, however, getting the help of automated systems like this myleadgensecret would be a great addition to ensuring maximum use of earning for the website. 60$ is a meager compared to the potentials that this system would bring. I will get at it right away. Thanks

    • Hello Ramos,

      Thanks for your comment, it is always great news to see that my post is helping people to increase their incomes, good luck with My Lead Gen Secret and remember if you need any help or support, reach out to me here, I am always here for you, to your success friend, James

  14. Wow, here you present us a program that can earn you enough profits with only 5 minutes a day. I’m impressed with it. I’ve never heard before about Lead Gen Secret and I’m going to study it. Your personal experience is a fact that encourages us to deal with it. Of course, I watched the videos with the real testimonies, too. Clearly and there is the possibility of failure but I think it is worth five minutes a day to change your life. Thank you for your helpful and comprehensive article.

    • My Lead Gen Secret really has been that good for me and I truly believe it will for you too if you do your own due intelligence with it ie. mailing regularly, testing different programs etc. It is 5 minutes a day out of your life, $60 to get started and then $30 per month. There is also one upsell for 30 Master Email Swipes you should take, as they are a big reason for my own results.

  15. Woh very interesting post! If you are in it you have more experience than I have. Nicely written post James will take a look in the future, have saved it for a later date. Much appreciated and Thanks again for sharing this opportunity with everyone. Appreciate the value of My Lead Gen Secret and all it has to offer me in the way of leads.

    • Hi Eric, thanks for leaving your comment, much appreciated, take a look and if you join us, you are joining a big community of earners, be sure to send me a message here if you join with my referral link as I am offering 1-1 coaching for anyone that does and needs help. Take Care, James

  16. Interesting to know so much about myleadgensecret. Wow! I am glad to know that this is legit and it truly works. I initially thought my leadgensecret is another overhyped system but seeing all these results and feedbacks from people who have made money through it, 60$ is very much small to risk for this. I just owned a website and I would love to make earnings soon. Thanks

    • Hey Tracy thanks for writing in. I wish I was lucky enough to find
      an ad site like My Lead Gen Secret when I was younger. Well,
      good for you for starting to think of ways to get out of the rat race.
      You already have the right mindset. All you need now is the right
      lessons, tools, and support to start generating income large enough to
      quit your job. There is nowhere better to get started than the MLGS
      community. Your passions are ideal for turning them into a substantial
      income and the My Lead Gen Secret program will walk you through how its
      done. Also, I am currently offering 1 on 1 coaching at MLGS, I am
      mentoring those who join from this link:


      So, you’ll never be alone on your journey to earning your 1st $ online. I hope you take me up on my offer.

  17. Great write-up, James!

    You laid out the facts clearly so people are more likely to make a decision after reading this post, and sharing in your insight and experience. It certainly is hard enough trying to find legit programs that can be helpful to an affiliate marketer, and not rip you off while your not looking. Thanks for the good information regarding My Lead Generation Secret.

    I’m very busy working with wealthy affiliate right now, but someday I may look into using MLGS for my business!



    • Hi Kathleen, many people are using My Lead Gen Secret to promote their Wealthy Affiliate accounts as well as many other programs including products on Clickbank and JVZoo, there have been huge reports of success and big results.

      Thanks for visiting today,

      Best Regards

      James Cavendish


  18. Hello there, this appeal to me as a really nice step to improving the traffic on my blog which involves food and nutrition. I have been into blogging for two years now and the traffic isn’t as good as I want it to be. I have actaully tried other systems but isn’t very effective. I am counting on my lead gen this time. Pleased to be here.

    • Hi Chloe, there have been reports of huge successes with My Lead Gen Secret for the health, diet and fitness niches so I am really sure it will work out for you with gaining the leads, new leads are always beneficial to any business, without them, it is just a hobby, thanks for visiting my post, James

  19. Hi

    I really enjoyed the review on Lead Gen and it sounds very promising if it totally works. You have to forgive me because I am naturally skeptical about any programme, as often they promise the world but deliver very little. Will in work in any niche, or  is there some that it would not work? It sounds very interesting and something that I have to look into. Do they give an annual subscription, as I can imagine it would be better value for the buck.



    • Hello Antonio,

      You can of course promote your own business as there are people promoting fitness, health, diet and eCommerce products on the system but the clients you are given on a daily basis are opting in to receive emails with make money online opportunities and business opportunities.

      This is a real home business that will grow into the future, these are real people that your emails go to with general interests, so I suppose it depends on the sort of business you plan on promoting with it.

      There is no annual subscription, it is a monthly subscription to become a member and at $1 a day, there is a lot of value as your business empire grows.

      If you need any help when you sign up, be sure to contact me here and I will help you the best I can,

      Best Regards

      James Cavendish

  20. I didn’t try “My Lead Gen Secret” so I can’t really say whether it is worth it or not. What it is true is that if it’s based on email marketing then probably will be successful, as sending good formal emails is one of the best methods today in order to attract the audience massively.

    If you say that it costs $1 per day then might be considered fair maybe. If you say only it is only needed 5 minutes per day in order to be able to success, I might think it’s an orientation, but probably would finally be 30-60 minutes, which is excellent for anyone willing to earn some extra passive income online. It’s just a matter of trying it and see if it really works or not.

    • Hi Nestor, yes of course, I see what you are saying, the system only takes 5 minutes to send your email daily but you will need to adapt that with the time it takes to study and prepare the emails you will send to your audiences, this can take you about an additional hour a day, then there is the follow ups.

      I see your point, as you are aware, building a successful online empire takes time, effort and hard work, thanks for commenting, appreciate your visit today.


  21. Thanks for sharing these details and reviews of My Lead Gen Secret. People want to know whether this program is a scam or a legit way to earn money and a good use of time. Thanks for going into the specifics to help interested people make an informed decision instead of having to blindly trust the hype of the sales pitch!

    • Hi there Aly,

      Thanks for visiting my post and for leaving a comment, it is great of you to share your opinion, I am glad it pleases, my intention is to help as many people as I can by heading them into the right direction, when you join give me a message and I will do all I can to provide support for your success too.

      Thanks and Best Regards


  22. Hey James! What an interesting review.  My Lead Gen Secret sounds very intriguing, especially for those with an online business looking to generate more income with email marketing.  A hundred leads a day for just a dollar is a great value.  How is your conversation rate with the leads?  I’m looking forward to following your progress.

    • Hi Suza,

      I promote many things on MLGS, make money online offers such as MLGS itself, Wealthy Affiliate, Clickbank products, JVZoo products, business opportunities,health care products, fitness and diet plans, eCommerce stores, it is totally up to you what you promote so long as it is within the rules of MLGS, they are quite relaxed so long as you don’t promote certain things that are not familly friendly (adult) or illegal themes.

      The conversion rates increase as you move deeper into the system, for example if you have 1 referral and get 6000 leads a month, I have personally made over 35 sales with this amount of leads, if you have been in for a year then that would be 72,000 leads a month – I will leave it to your imagination how many commissions you can earn from being 1 year in… Come and join our team!

      Take Care


  23. My lead gen secret seems like a worth platform that would get me to the apex. I just got my 30$ ready right now and planning to get started with it but only to realise I need another 30$ to buy the full package from the owner. That would be a total of 60$ to get started with. I would need to get another 2days to register on this so I can get extra 30$.  I’m really getting very excited towards getting to join this platform. Thanks so much for this review.

    • Hi Ramos, it seems that money could be a huge help to you right now and My Lead Gen Secret could be exactly what you need to resolve this situation you find yourself in, my hopes and best wishes that things start looking up for you, I have sent you an email with a small token of my appreciation to help you out my friend,

      Take Care, all the best,


  24. Hey, This My Lead Gen Secret Review is really awesome! Honestly I was a bit skeptical first and went through several reviews ans surprisingly there were some positive posts in which I could get better understanding about that. I am now convinced that this Gen Secret program is truly legitimate and works great.One of the beauty of its feature is that you don’t need other List building tools like Aweber and the Membership’s fee looks like worth. I liked your review and I have bookmarked and will definitely share it. Thanks

    • Hi Shirian, this is such great news, I am so pleased you liked my post review of My Lead Gen Secret, be sure to sign up using my link because I offer 1-1 coaching if anyone needs it to ensure you get the best start from the system.

      Take care


  25. My Lead Gen Secret software sounds like an excellent addition for most any online business that is looking to expand into email marketing. I know it takes a lot of hard work and effort to become successful in any business field. There are certainly excellent tools to make our efforts go further, and this looks to be one of them.

    • I can honestly say that My Lead Gen Secret is an awesome online
      marketing program. The time it takes you to earn money and to succeed
      online by implementing the training really depends on “YOU.” It’s not
      “get rich quick” because they show you how to build a real internet
      business from the ground upwards that will generate long term results
      for you. It has taken me a long time to start succeeding online, and
      that’s working at a steady pace. I have known of other marketers who
      have replaced their entire income from their jobs within only 3 months
      of solid hard work.

      Your results will depend on the level of commitment you’re willing to
      invest in to your new online business. I hope this has answered your
      questions or any doubts you may have had, Shan.


  26. Well, a platform where I get to log in for only 5 minutes everyday and make good money looks worth it. 60 dollars for a start up isn’t anything bad at all. I’ll be getting 100 leads everyday and I dint think any other platform offers anything like this. I will most definitely try it out and I will be back here for my feed black. Thanks for the timely and informative post

    • Hello Henderson, glad to hear from you again, it is always good to hear that another person is taking my sound advice when it comes to My Lead Gen Secret.

      It is such a genius tool and yes 100 leads a day, 1 referral back to the program and it doubles to 200 leads a day, all the best and don’t forget, let me help you if you get stuck, I have a lot of experience of what is working right now, all the best, James

  27. Hi. 

    Thank you so much for your honest review of My Lead Gen Secret Review 2019. I have read your post attentively because I really wanted to know that is it a scam or legit. You have nicely described about what My Lead Gen Secret is, what audience is My Lead Gen Secret aimed for, things to not expect from My Lead Gen Secret, how much does it cost to join My Lead Gen Secret, providing training, some important question and answer about it and so on. I really get the information that I wanted to know about My Lead Gen Secret through your post and learned many things.

    Thanks again. I will share this post to others.

    • Hi Monalisha, thanks for your comment here, it is always good to hear others opinions, I really do appreciate it and always welcome your comments, thanks for sharing, good luck, James

  28. Hi Jim,

    In general, I enjoyed reading your positive detailed reviews on the two websites My Lead Gen Secret  and WA. In fact I’m very tempted to click on MLGS to find out more about it and possibly join it based on your promotion. 

    I will say that in writing your detailed reviews including comprehensive information that I think you have a tendency sometimes to write long run on sentences without enough pauses or periods. I think you would get your message across even better than you do by thoughtfully breaking up some of your sentences with more periods.

    Also, with regard to WA, I personally have completed the initial free starter course there and from what I see although it may possible to make some money with only that background, I think that most people will have to become premium members and spend considerable time completing the premium training in conjunction with developing their niche website before they begin to realize any significant revenue. I think your review sounds a little too optimistic about how much revenue you could earn with only a starter membership at WA.

    • Hi Murray, yes I agree I could probably work on shortening my sentences, with regard to WA, these are just my personal experiences with WA.

      I think you get out from it exactly what you put into it, the training at WA is incredible which teach you how to harness the income features so whether you are a free member or a premium member, the opportunity is still great.

      Thanks for dropping in, good luck with your enterprise,


  29. Hey James,

    What a well-written review you have here. You made me want to consider My Lead Gen Secret as a part of my marketing efforts.  It’s easy enough to do, and you get access to 100 new leads per day.  I’ll be looking more into the reviews and their website itself to help me with my decision.  Thanks!

    • Hi Ron, I am so pleased, I really hope it works out for you, all the best, thanks for visiting, James

  30. Hi, James, I enjoyed reading your thorough and informative review.

    Your well-written review has convinced me that My Lead Gen Secret is a marketing tool worth giving a try. 
    Besides its legit and has been proven to work.

    I’m not familiar with email marketing. My aim right now is to get acquainted with the basics of getting started.
    I’ve bookmarked your post so that I come back to it.  Many thanks!

  31. Sounds good. I usually have the impression that systems that only require little effort are usually too good to be true but as I read along with you review I noticed honesty in it. This is something I will like to consider joining. Especially if it allows some initial free membership days like Wealthy Affiliate to allow new members a peek into the system. Thanks for the good review. My name is James.

  32. This post was very interesting and intriguing. You provided very detailed and informative information on what myleadgensecret is about, how you too can earn money. The key word being “earn” of course. Like you said, you can fail if you aren’t putting forth effort for 5 minutes a day! But it’s just like anything if you don’t put forth the time, it’s impossible to succeed. I liked your post so much and may just have to give it a try! Thank you so much! 

    • Hey Randi,

      So pleased you dropped by today,

      My Lead Gen Secret is incredible, if you decide to join, you will experience the full power of its 98% automated income qualities like everyone else is right now. Remember though, if you do join using my link https://www.myleadgensecret.com/?rid=7600&src=cavendish-reviews-comments then let me know.

      I am offering 1-1 coaching for anyone who joins with me, I have learned a lot of additional tips, tricks and strategies on how to boost your income even further with My Lead Gen Secret.

      Thanks James

  33. well, it sounds an interesting way to make decent money online. I enjoyed your informative and thorough article about this program. I keep this in my mind, adding your site to favorites. thanks for sharing this informative article and have a nice day ! 🙂

  34. Thank you for your honest review of LeadGen Secret. It all looks great, but there are a few things that worry me here. 

    The fact that it pays you five levels down reminds me of a pyramid scheme, and we all know how some of those have turned out.

    The other thing is that they say you only have to work for five minutes a day. I have a feeling that it is going to be way more than this if you want to make a decent living from this system.

    • Hi Michel, thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment for my post, I understand what you are saying and as you probably know, you get out of the program exactly what you put into the program.

      Personally I invest around an hour a day promoting My Lead Gen Secret on social media, blog posts, articles and PPC, this increases my conversions massively and allows me to live a very comfortable living, there are also many members who do just log into My Lead Gen Secret and send their post in 5 minutes but you have to remember, this is a lead generation providing and make money online system, all in one, it is designed to allow you to just spend 5 minutes a day if that is what you choose to do, hope this helps,

      Be healthy, successful and see real results with My Lead Gen Secret,


  35. This seems like an amazing program but don’t you think that 5mins a day can be considered as a bit of a stretch. Businesses that I have found out that works this way at least from my experience tend to cost way more than $30 a month. 

    I am not saying this program is not amazing but I am just not totally convinced about spending 5mins a day and still getting good profits even as a beginner. 

    I think it would take a little bit more than that if one is to realize consistent program.

    • Hi Jay, thanks for leaving a comment for my

      As I was just mentioning to Michel, you get
      out of any program exactly what you put into the program.

      I invest around an hour a day promoting My Lead Gen Secret on social
      media, blog posts, articles and PPC, this increases my conversions
      massively and allows me to live a very comfortable living.

      There are
      also many members who do just log into My Lead Gen Secret and send their
      post in 5 minutes every day but you have to remember, this is a lead generation
      providing and make money online system, all in one, it is designed to
      allow you to just spend 5 minutes a day if that is what you choose to
      do, hope this helps,

      Be healthy, successful and see real results with My Lead Gen Secret


  36. I used to work with My Lead System Pro so hearing about this My Lead Gen Secret is not new to me. In fact, a friend on Facebook has introduced this to me last week and was asking if I can join him there and make tons of money. Well, like any other experienced internet marketer out there, I first searched for a review online and that’s how I landed here in your review, James. 

    This is going to work, and it worked well with you. To anyone joining My Lead Gen Secret, prepare to work hard on the first onset of your business. Yeah, really work hard until you produce a momentum. Online businesses like these are not for the faint-hearted who expect to see results with minimal efforts. It is possible, freedom is possible, but only after months of hard work.

  37. Thanks for sharing this with others.  I’ve been a user of My Lead Gen Secret for a few months now and it has been by far the best email-based marketing platform I’ve used to date.

    It really does offer great potential to those that use it.

    Whenever I see reviews about it, I check them out to see how others are using it and what results they achieve.

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Scott, I am glad you commented on my post, it is awesome to hear from others using My Lead Gen Secret, let me know if I can be of any help, I too love the system and just wish I could own more, as time goes on, my leads are getting more powerful!!!

      Loving the sales…


  38. Well you’ve definitely caught my attention with this review. I’ve been searching for ways to do email marketing because I’m totally new to it. I wanted to ask can you set up to a targeted audience? I have come across another site that sends out high volumes of emails for us but all the ones I saw were for business opportunities. My sites aren’t business opportunities.

  39. The revenue and lead aspect is great. Your review definitely wants me to learn more. How does it work? Can you use it for unlimited sites? Can you create different lists? Have you had any hurdles with the system? 

    Congratulations on all the profits so far and many more for you.

  40. Hi, Jim and thanks for this interesting review.  As others have said, it does sound very interesting but I’m a bit confused about one thing.  Do the leads come as a result of a niche interest or are they just random leads from the many that click the little box on any website?  would we just be promoting MLGS or our website or both? This is where I am confused.

    I would really like to investigate this further if it wasn’t for the fact that finances are quite tight right now.  I have already checked out several other YT reviews about this and they all seem to put forth the legitimacy of this.

    It really doesn’t seem to require a lot of time if what you say is true, just being consistent on a daily basis. 


  41. Seems like you’ve had/have a good experience with My Lead Gen. I like that members get dozens and dozens of leads daily, and the price isn’t bad. My only concerned would be the leads aren’t real or aren’t of good quality, but judging my your experience and review, My Lead Gen seems decent.

    • Hi Nate,

      The leads are tier 1 buyers, it really doesn’t get aby better than that, you can spend $100 on a solo ad, you won’t get the email details, you don’t know if they even send your swipe, the opt-ins may never open your emails and even if they do, how long do they stay on your list, this is all without them actually buying.

      Nope, I have had it with SOLO ADS, I spent thousands on them and the majority really are saturated crap. This is why I had to find a real way to generate leads, My Gen Lead Secret has done so much for me in terms of conversions, I get leads every day and they are hungry buyers, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment,

      Take Care


  42. Thanks for this brilliant review, I am new to the online business market and an e-mail campaign is somewhere in my future.  Thanks for giving me a head start on a reputable place to begin the process. I’ve had other business ventures where I had to build e-mail lists and it was a time-consuming endeavor and the lists I bought were often worthless. The price is definitely right, so I’ll be looking into this offer. Much appreciated. 

    • Hi SeunJeremiah, great to hear you are coming on board, if you need any help no matter what it is, let me know and I will guide you, Take Care James

  43. Hey John! This was a very interesting and in-depth review. Thanks for taking the time to be so thorough because I would never have guessed something like this would work. 3,000 leads a month are awesome and can really help my business to grow quickly. My only question is, are these leads targetted? And also, how can I be sure they’re real people and not bots?

    • Hello Marlinda, Yes 3000 leads a month which becomes 6000 a month after you refer 1 person, the leads are REAL and proven on the website, the leads are real people interested in starting a home business or make money online opportunity.

      When you start, let me know and I will help you, Take Care James

  44. Hi James, thanks for the review. I found it very informative.
    I’ve always been very suspect of software and services like this that tell you that they’ll do everything for you and all you have to do is set up some things. 

    MLGS sounds pretty straight forward though. I’d really like to learn more about how they generate leads and what the 4 step process is. Maybe I’ll give the sales funnel a peek. I love that you made sure to note at the end that “effort” is what will determine success. At the end of the day, a great value proposition is what will close a sale or convert an offer! A truism no matter what kind of lead generation we’re doing. 

    Take care and best of luck in your business!

    • Hi Wilson, thanks for visiting my post and leaving your comment, it is great to hear from you, My Lead Gen Secret is the real deal, I have had a lot of success and my success grows every day, when you come on board, reach out to me and I will do all I can to help you succeed with this, take care James

  45. Hi James, thank you for your review of MLGS. I will be signing up today. I think this is a great system and something I have been looking for to create additional income. I’m an insurance agent and this is a great way to reach the masses and make money either promoting myself or the affiliate program. The video explained it all and I’m excited to get started! Great article!!

    • Hi Marci,

      Well done for grabbing this opportunity, you will not be disappointed, when you join I will get a notification and will contact you to see if there is anything I can do to help you so you generate success faster, people who are signing up are getting huge success promoting their own offers to them.

      I have heard that they are doing well in the health, fitness and diet niches as well as the business opportunity and make money online niches. Perhaps Insurance will be a good match too as everyone needs insurance, especially in this day and age. Take care Marci,


  46. I’ve stumbled upon My Lead Gen Secret in other day, but I closed it as soon as possible because I feared it will be just another scam. My mind began to change after reading so many positive reviews about the program, including yours. 

    I want to ask you two questions: 1. It may be available worldwide, but which countries the lead come from the most? 2. What kind of niche/product that can be works with the leads (e.g.: are they also interested in fashion, furniture, electronics, etc other than marketing or clickbank products)? Thanks in advance for the answer

    • Hi Alblue,

      The clients are all tier 1 (USA mainly) the best niches to work with My Lead Gen Secret is the make money online and business opportunity niche. People are promoting all sorts of things to these buyers, that’s right I am qualified to call them buyers as I have experience of the leads now and from my personal experience – they buy.

      I have also seen that so many people who have joined with my link are also having huge success promoting their own offers, eCommerce and bitcoin are also doing very well, I suppose you don’t know until you try, when you join, let me know and I will be able to point you in the right direction with a few things I did to get extra sales and commissions.

      Take care for now,


  47. James, great review.  

    I can see that the source of leads keeps the list fresh and relevant.  I also like the fact that you don’t need a separate autoresponder to connect with the leads.  I assume the autoresponder has basic functionality, enough to do the job?

    One question: Is it possible to see the interface of the membership site, maybe a screenshot?

    Thanks again.

    • Hi there Gustavo, I will be placing some screenshots on very soon but I am sure if you visit the website link you will soon see the platform and the interface, thanks for visiting my post and leaving such a great comment, take car


  48. Personally this is the first time I came across people reviewing about lead gen.  

    I have not tried this product before but based on what you have shared with us from your article, it seemed like a great tool especially the fact that you are given 100 leads a day.  It looked fast and easy to set up at the same time.

    Like any products on the internet, we should not expect instant results when using this tool as it takes time to build leads in order to see the results we want.

    Thank you for this review on lead gen.  I look forward to you sharing another review soon.

    • Hello, thanks for visiting my post, I am pleased you are here and appreciate your fine comments, take care, James

  49. Your review is very encouraging. The price is reasonable. Do you use the leads to sell Clickbank and JVZoo products or do you used the leads for selling The Lead Gen Secret system alone? You have not mentioned the price of the upsell. The upsell seems to be critically important to success with the system. What type of personal help or bonuses do you offer the person who signs up via your Lead Gen Secret link? Thank you for sharing this review.


    • Hi Tom, thanks for visiting today, I use My Lead Gen Secret to promote Clickbank and JVZoo products, I also use the My Lead Gen Secret mailer system to promote the My Lead Gen Secret opportunity, it is your choice. As far as the upsell is concerned, the additional 30 email Master swipes are around $29 USD if you buy them on entry or if you choose to buy them at a later date, you can access them through your member dashboard, they will then cost around $58 USD.

      My support and help is aimed at people who need extra support to get started with My Lead Gen Secret, if they get stuck or have a question, if they want to know how I earn recurring commissions, how I promote the system, how I boosted my initial startup with My Lead Gen Secret. Now I know that My Lead Gen Secret offer support for this and they provide video training as well but I feel it is important for everyone I refer to have an outsider who is using the system to give them solid reliable advice too.

      I hope this answers your questions Tom.

      Best Regards


  50. Hi James! I’m grateful you are sharing your experience with My Lead Gen Secret. I know how important are leads but if MLGS only sends us pre-qualified leads, that’s a game changer. I have tried other platforms and have been disappointed because the percentage that converts is so low. I know my products sell, I just seen the right leads, so I’ll check out this platform. Thanks!

    • Hi there Henry, that’s great, be sure to check out My Lead Gen Secret if you are seeking a real online business system that offers 2 things: The ability to generate high quality leads that buy and a way to earn a substantial monthly recurring income that grows month after month after month.

      I appreciate your visit and your comment, be sure to reach out when you join, James

  51. Wow, thanks for doing this review about My Lead Gen Secret, I never heard of this but from what can I see from your review and comments it seems something legit and something that I would like to try one day. Thanks again for doing this and I will share this with my family and friends.

    • Hi Barbara, that’s great I am pleased you enjoyed my post and I hope it will help you in the near future to generate financial freedom, take care, James

  52. WOW! I have 1 blog site and 2 online shops that I have no traffic going except an occasional few that pop in from my posts on social media. I am not in any way an email marketer so creating a perfect email ad presents a bit of a challenge for me, but I did notice that you stated you can get some templates. Does this option cost extra? If you already answered that question in your post, I apologize, my memory is horrible these days. I am going to go check this out right away and give it a shot. I mean I already spent tons of money on Facebook ads only to end up running out of money, so $60 isn’t going to hurt to start off with.

    • Thanks Kristena, if I can be of any help when you join, let me know,

      Best Regards


  53. Increasing income for an online business is the desire of any owner. I would suggest, if possible, to come up with a trial even for a day or even an hour. Looking at what this program can do it shouldn’t be too long otherwise people will take advantage and just use it without paying. This can also reduce some scepticism. 

    I would love to test.

    • Thanks Patrick, if I can be of any help when you join, let me know,

      Best Regards


  54. Going by the information I have read on this article concerning my lead gen secret, I can say I’m convinced that it is a legit platform. Going by the fact that it generates focused unique traffic daily, that is awesome to know of and its worth giving a try. I like the fact that it is very cost effective and 60$ is not too much to give it a trial. Thanks so much

    • Hi Ramos that’s great, we welcome you aboard our team anytime, take care, James

  55. Wow, I must say I am impressed with the reports I have been getting with regards My lead gen, coming across this post have concreted the fact that its something legit and worth gibing a try. My son is a freelancer and just opened his site and he is very dedicated to it. I believe giving my lead gen a trial would help him with leads on his site. I’ll inform him about this wonderful information

    • Hi Dane that’s great, we welcome you and your son aboard our team anytime, take care, James

  56. Thanks for this really thorough review of My Lead Gen Secret. It certainly helps that you have tried it yourself and had success. A lot of other programs like this have fake testimonials, but from what you have shown here, this seems pretty legitimate. I’ll have to look some more into this as getting leads would be a huge help to someone like myself, who is one of those beginners that you describe. Thanks again!

    • Hi Steve that’s great, we welcome you aboard our team anytime, take care, James

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